Sex position #401. Titanic – 2

Be careful
Sex position #401 - Titanic - 2 (on the table). (cowgirl, woman on top, from behind, sitting). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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This is a variation of classic woman on top. Try it to discover exactly what brings you the most pleasure. The benefit for the man: an extremely hot view of girl’s hips and butt as he takes charge of the bumping and grinding. The man sits on the edge of the tabletop with his hands backwards placed apart as support. He places his closed feet on the chair standing next to him. The woman sits on his penis atop back to her partner. The man places his legs between her hips. The female partner stretches her arms forward and grabs the back of the chair. She leans forward and moves her hips in sync with her partner.

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