Sex position #185. Backwards Cowgirl

Sex position #185 - Backwards Cowgirl. (cowgirl, from behind, sitting, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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It is important to control not only the body, but also emotions and feelings of the partner, to saturate him with intimacy and passion, then he or she will be completely at the mercy of your shackles. The male partner sits, his legs are straight and slightly driven apart, back is straight. The woman sits on top of her man, her legs are bent in knees and lied along his buttocks. Female partner’s hands are outstretched forward, she is located slightly below the knees of the man and makes support on them, back is arched and his head is turned to the half-turn to see the man. The male partner takes in his palm a breast of his lady and fondles it during sex.

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  1. Asd

    oh boi dis is so hot, jag är trembling from the intimeit passions and touching tails. RECOMEND!!

  2. Zailya

    This is my favorite

    1. Poussikadl

      With me??

    2. Niti

      This is my favorite

  3. Amit

    I hate his because I can’t suck tits when I fuck her

  4. Chelsea

    My mom looked this up and i’m scared now..

  5. Nekeisha James

    This is my favorite because I will be in control!

  6. Alex

    Does anyone know the sex positions call where your gf is sitting towards you on the edge of the the your wrap your arms under her arms holding on to her sholders and show is upside down and backwards and the girl is not holding anything

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