Sex position #3. Cat

Sex position #3 - Cat. (face to face, lying down, man on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Even the simplest position can bring unforgettable experience to the partners, or vice versa, to be another tick in the list of the studied variants, but it is not important how, but with whom, do not forget about it. The woman lies on her back, on her elbows she lifts the upper part of her body, her legs are straight, but driven apart. The man lies down on her female partner face to face, he keeps his upper part of the body on the outstretched arms, legs are together, and located between the female partner’s legs. He seems to be hanging over his lady and can kiss her neck, her lips in the process.

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  1. MARIA

    I want to make him want me like before I want to show him I could be different in bed also he is haveing affair. Im not going to give up I have to save my marriage.

    1. Mika Miro author

      You’re doing right, taking care of it. You will definitely succeed. Good luck!

      1. Virus

        I’m virgin…so what is the best how can I understand???

        1. J

          Don’t give him your virginity in hopes he will love you. It never works. Trust me that happend with my first fling then he left me for a girl named Maria lol Cheated on her 2 times with me. So your just gonna get hurt. If I were you, I would find a better man.

        2. imran khan

          I will try

    2. Jill

      Learning sex positions isn’t going to save your marriage. Get some marriage counseling, and if he refuses to participate in that then you tell him you’re lawyering up and want a divorce.

      1. Raine

        I’m with you Jill. I agree.

    3. Kuldeep Verma

      First of all try to make him feel you are with him , not only in bed, but other than bed life also.
      Get counciling, it will help.
      How long is married life.

    4. Ro

      yeah that is lacking for women, when u stop sleeping with ur husband and give his need with love ur marriage will succeed..

    5. Cltoju99

      Saving a marriage, takes 2. You cannot do this alone. Everyone can give their feedback, but only you can make that decision.

    6. sex

      maria try me

    7. Anon

      sis leave him he’s fucking other bitches

    8. Emma

      Maria what happened are you still together? I need to know or I can’t sleep spell the tea sis

  2. Shash

    I like oral sex sometimes. But my husband hates oral sex. What can I do? When we make love I want him to lick my vagina. He thinks it is disgusting. Pls give me some advices.

    1. raju

      keep clean ur vagina. while lick try to use honey or cholocate .or other which he like.

    2. kassa kapital

      here i am

    3. Pravesh

      I want to do it please ask me

    4. Penis

      Hey sexy, you can do oral sex with me, I am always ready, you feel relax when my hard penis entering in your mouth and showering semen and I give you deep vegina massage with my tongue and lips…¢===8

    5. David blunt

      Try me then. I love giving oral sex but ladies won’t let me give it to them. I’m getting rusty from lack of practice

    6. Jonh

      Call a boy who can give u a perfect sex life …

  3. lamek


  4. rbs neo

    It is useless books who are the human belong all are knowledge sex but all religious it make big issue I am live my life any kind of projecting my mind but sex is one of the imagination not really one so who are the awareness in our inner being no need for sex. I am not against sex but it not happy for me.because I am zero degree minded.

    1. Grueben

      nigga what

  5. R Singh

    All positions very good

  6. Anil kumar CHAUHAN

    So lovely positions.. I

  7. Eve

    I want to make love

    1. Dean Luhan

      Same here

  8. David nott

    how can i join the sit to comment

  9. Okot abong

    Comment…Some styles needs flexibility

  10. Vemarie

    All in the picture i do all but i want new position please advice me

  11. Jay dee

    What is the best position or the best thing a man can do to prevent premature ejaculation

  12. Nicki Evans

    Love this site

  13. Rick

    Wow … girls … would you like to get your belly button kissed from the inside ?
    Message me !

  14. Asrat

    I Want To Give a Try But I Think “Cat Position” Is’nt Comfortable 4 Me & 4 Her!

  15. Kasule

    i love oralsex and these positions are wow

    1. your sweet and sour sourpatch kid

      I also enjoy to participate in the oralsex. mmmmmmmmmm very tasty

      1. Natasha

        Mmmmmmmmmmm!!! Yes, big pp in my mouth is very tasty! Sweet and Sour 🙂 just like my Asian boyfriend.

  16. shadow

    wouldnt this be called kitty style… i’ll go now sorry guys

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