Sex position #413. Full nelson

Sex position #413 - Full nelson. (anal sex, woman on top, from behind, lying down). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Sex is obviously better than sport and extremely pleasurable for both partners. The man lies on his back with legs bent at the knees and driven apart. The woman lies on top of him and presses her bent legs to her breasts. The male partner wraps his arms underneath her legs from behind to pick her up. He moves in and out of woman while holding her. Though it is woman on top position, she relaxes and let the partner do most of the work.

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    Khushi Tirkey

    I tried the ‘Full nelson’ it was fucking good

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    Tried this position with my wife, we both enjoyed this position but she described this position as brutal. She said she was completely helpless while being rocked in this position but still she liked this very much and now we do this every time we make love.

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    My wife insisted me to rock her in this position, she loved it. I manhandled her and rammed her butthole once I locked her in this position as she was completely helpless until I set her free. Do not try if your partner doesn’t have a good flexible body, my wife is an athlete and also practice yoga, or else you will end up giving your partner a severe backache.

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      Jorge Hernandez

      Fuckkk !!! You are so lucky she does yoga I can just picture the perfect form in full display I used to date a girl for almost 3 years and and she never had anal but once we did it she love it haha I would fuck her every time in this position and rammmm her ass !!!

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    I have to get my girlfriend drunk before we do anal in this position. She likes to be manhandled and I can achieve great anal penetration while locking her into place

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    S, Able

    We tried this, my partner was dominant and larger of us 2 guys. He’s strong and we did this him standing. I was not in control at all as he held me quite tight. Once his cock was in me it was so enjoyable.

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    whats the not full version

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