Sex position #402. Hummingbird

Be careful
Sex position #402 - Hummingbird (on the ball). (face to face, kneeling). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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This deep-thrusting position alone will make you tweet like a bird. The woman lies on her back on a fitness ball. The man kneels between her legs, facing his lover. His torso is leaned forward. She wraps her arm around his neck, and strokes his face with the other hand. The female partner lifts her hips up and the lovers press their bodies against each other tightly. She bends her leg at the knee and put it at the waist of a man. Her second leg is in the air.

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    Jozzy Macjan jr

    The positions are just very good & flexible

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    Jozzy Macjan jr

    Nice and flexible

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    I have never used this position. But today I try to do this

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