Sex position #400. Orgazm generator

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Sex position #400 - Orgazm generator (on the armchair). (cowgirl, woman on top, sitting). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Even if you don’t reside in Texas, you can arrange your own rodeo with bareback bronc and wild races. Nice role-play, isn’t it? What’s about using your man as a horse to saddle? The man sits in the armchair, bends his legs and spreads them apart, his body leans back against the back of the furniture. The woman sits on his penis facing the male partner. She spreads her legs wide apart. Her hips lie on the armrests on both sides, and her shins are hanging down. The lady wraps her hands around the man’s neck. He grabs her buttocks and she starts moving up and down.

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    Robert Pullen

    I was just seeing if you were to either in a recliner and have an ottoman so the man can sit up both of his knees bent but spread, as he supports himself with Hands behind him elbows bent and would be able to thrust upward as the woman is in the orgasm generator position or it could be done in the corner of a wrap-around couch.

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