Image Usage Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to websites and YouTube channels that want to use our images of sex positions in their articles or videos.

All materials (texts and images) are copyright protected. You can use our images on your website or Youtube video under the following conditions:

1. Saving watermarks on images

You should use the images as they are published on the source site (with all watermarks).

2. No more than 7 images in one article or video

You can use up to 7 images in one article or video. In this case, our pictures should not be the main content, but complementary to the main (yours). If you want more, please contact us.

3. Dofollow Link to the source is required

Each of our images that you use in an article on your site must have a link (dofollow) to the source, namely a link to the specific page on our site where the sex position with the description is published. See below for 4 examples of what it should look like:

1. Title link – when you make the title a link.
2. Image link – when you make an image a link.
3. Link under image – when you link to the source under the image.
4. Link in the description or text – when you mention the sex position in the description (text) and make the mention text a link.

If you use our pictures for your Youtube videos, you should link to the source in the description of each video.

4. Link to our homepage (

If you use more than 1 image in an article on your site, you should link (dofollow) to ( in the body of the article or at the end of the article.

 – Link in the body of the article

If you make a link in the body of the article, it is desirable to refer to us by anchor text:

– Sex positions
– Best sex positions
– Sexpositions.Club
– Sex Positions Club
– Sex Positions Website
– Sex positions guide
– All sex positions

Any anchor text containing “Sex positions”

 – Link at the end of the article

If you make a link at the end of an article you can use the following text options:

– The images are provided by the
– The full catalogue of sex positions can be viewed at – all sex positions in one place. – the most comprehensive guide to sex positions.

All other cases of use should be discussed with us individually. If you have any questions you can write to us here.

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