Sex position #394. Cowgirl on the table

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Sex position #394 - Cowgirl (on the table). (anal sex, cowgirl, woman on top, face to face, sitting). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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It really doesn’t matter where to have sex. Bed and sofa are comfortable, but table is ok as well. The pleasure achieved is worth any temporary inconvenience. The man sits on the edge of the table, bends his legs at the knees, widely spreads them apart and hangs them down from the tabletop. The woman sits on his penis and takes the wheel. In the Cowgirl on the table position lady is the one to write the rules. She sets the speed and tempo and the male partner just helps her by moving his hips to penetrate deeper and feel the pleasure. The woman puts one of her hands on her buttock. She wraps her second arm around his neck. He can caress her buttocks with his palm, kiss her neck and breasts. He puts his free hand on the tabletop behind his back to stabilize his body.

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