Sex position #395. Dirty sanchez

Be careful
Sex position #395 - Dirty sanchez (on the ball). (cunnilingus, from behind, oral sex, )
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All womankind, from the highest to the lowest, love oral sex. Not because this is something to diminish the male ego, but because oral sex produces orgasms. The female partner lies on her belly on a fitness ball, bends one arm at the elbow, and places it under the breast. She outstretches the second one and puts hand in front of her for extra support. The man kneels down between the lady’s legs, spreads her hips apart as wide as possible to the sides and places his hands on them. He sinks his tongue into her open and gaping vagina. Be sure, the girl will be screaming for more.

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    Dawn hall

    I would love to try this position to make by sex more sexy

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