Sex position #497. Tantra chair

Sex position #497 - Tantra chair. (woman on top, face to face, sitting). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Tantra is an ancient, yet vibrant spiritual science. Tantra chair position is an amazing position to reconnect with your partner and a sure-fire way to an incredible orgasm. The man sits in a chair, leaning his back against it. His slightly apart legs are on toes. The woman sits on male partner’s hips facing him. Her legs are hanging off the chair. Her back is straight, and arms are closed behind the man’s back. In his turn, the male partner supports the lady by the waist and lifts her up and down, driving mad both of them. It is an easy sex position for man to maintain, and one that empowers the woman to position herself so that the experience feels great from start to finish.

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