Sex position #184. Spider

Be careful
Sex position #184 - Spider. (cowgirl, reverse, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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If you do not plan to have children in common, then do not forget to use protection during sex, although this position has such name, there is no guarantee that your sex will be safe. The man sits down, his legs are bent at the knees and are wide apart, his hands are laid back; he raises his body, keeping it on feet and hands. The woman sits on top of her male partner in the same position, only with her face to the man, her back is on his knees leaning on the outstretched hands and feet. The man exercises movements, this position is not for long sex.

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    Susana Heredia

    Wow does are hot, the vagina might be burning and same with the dick… When i did it i was delicious and good, it felt soo.. good. we fucked for around 2 hours, we left sperm all over the ground and it was amazing, i recommend u to try this… (so good). It was pretty cool i real enjoyed it. I hope i do it again with my crush Alberto Juarez my best friend’s step brother Maria, i love that girl.

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    Susana Heredia

    I have my vagina all spermed right now because i just sucked Sulivan Alberto Juarez Avalos’s dick… it’s pretty good and tasty, i also tried putting a bannana in my pussy but it didn’t work, it was to small compared to Alberto’s dick, really spermy.;)

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