Sex position #186. Brute

Sex position #186 - Brute. (from behind, man on top, rear entry, reverse, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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You can make your partner crazy by sliding movements, especially if you are inside each other, and your bodies are naked, horny and you are having sex. The woman lies on her back and takes the pose of birch, she only spreads her feet on the sides and inclines them more to her head, and her arms are straight on the floor. The male partner sits on his mistress’ buttocks with his arms he takes her thighs from the inside and supports her in this not very comfortable position. Notice that the man should not lean with all his weight on the legs of his woman, even though he sits down, but holds his body on bent legs.

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  1. Peter

    Hi! Can you draw the man the other way around? Rotate him 180 degree? It’s called the trapezius.


  2. Michael field

    We tried it and she loves it because it hits her g-spot

  3. Chrisopher

    Does anyone have any advice on how to make this more pleasurable for the love of my life? It is my favorite position, however, my undercarriage is not lengthy enough for it to bring her any pleasure. Someone please help.

    1. Mr x

      I’ll do her. I have a big undercarriage.

  4. holland

    same brother

  5. Luigi

    this is pretty much impossible for a guy with a blood penis. I fear it would break.

  6. Alina Das

    Yes!!!))) No more viagra!!

  7. Peeper

    Poop on her to show domminance

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