Sex position #52. Creme brulee

Sex position #52 - Creme brulee. (from behind, lying down, rear entry, sideways, spooning). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Sex in the morning is a perfect start of a day that promises to be very good and hearty, so catch a position without getting out of bed, have sex in the mornings. The woman lies on her side, her arms are raised up, legs are bent in knees and driven apart. The man throws one bent leg over her thigh, his other leg is straight. With one hand he takes his female partner’s hip and penetrates in her like from behind. This position is very crucial for those men who love while sleeping throw a foot on the woman, that is, you just need to insert the penis and voila.


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  1. Tshegofatso

    Comment…wow that’s super great i have leaned so much

  2. Hannah

    I wonder if these moves make you have really good orgasms?

  3. Venkata Chalam K

    It is nice for younger persons those who doesn’t have experience, but every man and woman has to read the texts only. If it done from the age of 10 to 13 age they will not concentrate on what they learn languages, at that age everything they look is different angles, so they can’t concentrate in work. It depend upon rule of the land, the reasons in tropical lands heat will more so both men and women they feel quick sex do, in cold climate they need more sex due to survival is most important than sex that what need is the mother of invention, so it depends upon climactic conditions.

  4. Huge Mungus

    I came here from total pokemon russia :3

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