Sex position #53. Precipice

Sex position #53 - Precipice. (cowgirl, reverse, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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It is difficult to restrain the impulses of emotion when making love and this position does not require any control. Just trust each other, and the scales will weight evenly from one to the other side. Man lies on his back and bends the knees. The woman horses the penis in a position facing her male partner, bends her legs and spreads her hands; her back relies on the legs of her male partner and she throws her head back. This position not only offers superb view to the male partner, but also allows him to stroke the breast and crotch of his mistress and enhance the delight.

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    Hi Winter

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    Needed to learn more positions

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    Men nowadays are lame and couldn’t make love even in their minds. Their not men anymore instead women get to be me . Or lesbians whatever it is it’s better than being with men nowadays. The man package was always a turn on to me. Well no more.why bother this stuff is a pipe dream or a vibe dream. I’m not worthy. I’m a kind women who acts like a women because I’m not aggressive and don’t swear I’m not manly enough and ignored yet those same men treat those aggressive women like garbage as well . I’m thinking I’ll be a lesbian now and forget this shit

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