Sex position #39. Bizet

Sex position #39 - Bizet. (from behind, lying down, rear entry, sideways, spooning). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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You are sweet like a delicious dessert; the bodies are tangled and hot and you want to scream with delight, this position surprisingly combines tenderness and strength, it is impossible to break away. The woman lies on her side, lifts the upper part of her body on the elbow, bends her legs at the knees and presses them a little. The man lies behind, as if his body repeats her silhouette, one his hand holds her by the waist and one leg slips between her legs. The male partner does a back scuttle; he can feel his woman’s breast, her vagina, kiss her neck, earlobes, you can do what you want, so orgasm is inevitable for both.

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