Sex position #365. French Kiss

Sex position #365 - French Kiss (on the armchair). (face to face, kneeling). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Ultimately, sex is about love and intimacy. Romantic kissing leads to sexual arousal and is often the driving force behind a decision to have sex. The woman sits on the edge of the armchair, leans backward, bends her legs and spreads them wide apart. The man kneels between her thighs with his legs shoulder-width apart, but his feet are together. With one hand, the female partner wraps her arm around his neck and presses her breasts to his torso. She puts her feet on his calves, which allows her to repeat the pull of man’s sexual impulses and movements.

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  1. Moe lestor

    Was good. Don’t recommend in car but fun.

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