Sex position #65. Case

Sex position #65 - Case. (cowgirl, lying down, reverse, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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This position is suitable for role-playing game in which you can imagine that you are in a confined space and limited in movements, but how this can be an obstacle for sex ?! The woman lies on her back, bends her knees, hips and pressed and shins are driven apart. The male partner lies on his back, too, so that the woman is between his legs, and her feet are under the man’s hands. The lady bends her arms in elbows, making the support on them, with her hands she takes her male partner’s shins and slightly raises the upper part of her body. Man’s hands are on the male partner’s hips.

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  1. Vineet

    Nice positons

  2. Prabhuraj

    Is this all possible at he age of 60 years

  3. Jennifer Q

    Anything is possible at age 60.
    It may kill or injure you, however…
    But entirely possible.

    1. Dave

      Ha ha at least you will die happy.

    2. Kim Johan Paulsen

      Still alive and active at 57…doubt anything will change in the next 3 years. Just wanting more.

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