Sex position #132. Female peasant

Sex position #132 - Female peasant. (reverse, standing, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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If your mistress can not take an interesting position in sex for any reason, that is not a reason for boredom, the man can also be clever and this option is a direct proof for that. The male partner lies against the wall and raises his legs and torso only for his head, neck and shoulders to be on the floor with his legs together and straight. The woman gets with her face to the male partner’s legs so that his head was between her legs, she straddles his penis of the male partner, she bends a little her legs at the knees, she puts one hand on the thigh of her man, the other one on the wall. The male partner puts his hands on the buttocks of his mistress.

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    Wish my girl would branch out and try new things

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      Sum Ghuy

      Grow a pair n get one then dave 😉 (Y)

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      Just keep suggesting different positions, maybe she’s not into some of the other ones or she doesn’t know how it’ll work. Maybe look at some of the ones on here with her and see which ones catch her attention.

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      Try looking up ‘best positions for women’ online and decide together with her which ones to try. She might be nervous to try new positions where she feels like she isn’t in control of the penetration.

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