Sex position #166. Hill

Sex position #166 - Hill. (from behind, rear entry, reverse, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Little efforts, intentions and a little more passion, this explosive mixture will not allow partners to get bored in bed or out of it, fantasize with enthusiasm, there are no impossible positions, everything will go well. The man stands on his hands, the female partner stands close quickly, with her back to him. One his leg the male partner lays on the lady’s back, the second one he bends in knees and bends his arms in elbows, lowering his body head to the floor. The woman slightly bends one leg in knee, with his hand she is supporting the male partner by the shin, and with the second one drives his penis in her crotch and helps the male partner make movements.

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  1. Chester D Foulk

    We are going to have to try and spice up our life for this

  2. Rajesh

    Amazing pose

  3. Jack

    Anyone wanna try dirty stuff slowly?

    1. Desmond

      nope 🙂

  4. Boris

    i broke my neck doing this one, 4/10 (would be 1/10 but i did finish)

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