Sex position #165. Bow

Sex position #165 - Bow. (kneeling, man on top, right angle). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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To get satisfaction from sexual intercourse, the partners should trust each other and understand the desire at a glance. The woman lies on her back and slightly turns her pelvis to the side so that one leg is straight and the other is bent. The man ceases to his knees beside in such a way that one leg is between her legs. He takes the woman’s bent leg by one hand and the other hand lays on her buttocks. She puts her arms just above the male partner’s knees. This is a new position from behind, which will help you to refresh your intimate relationships.

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    Crystal Vesperman

    Damn. I want to try this so badly.

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      Come let’s try it crystal

    2. Avatar photo
      Rickey Bailey

      We can

  2. Avatar photo

    Man let me tell you it’s amazing being able to go as deep as me and my ladies pelvic regions will let us and she’s a think one with quite a shape;)….. Funny thing is I thought of alot of these positions on my own, and come to find out they actually real positions!

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    She and I did this last night and it was really hot. For me, it gives a great view of her body and her eyes. I have a lot of control with range of motion as it allows for deep penetration. And my hands have freedom to touch her breasts and her butt. She doesnt normally like anal play, but in this position she actually directed my finger to her rear entry for some double penetration. For her, it’s a relaxing position that she can stay in for a long time and enjoy.

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      Your sister

      No you didn’t shut up virgin

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    Realy Horny

  5. Avatar photo
    Paulista Desanimado

    I really dont like to make sex, only want to cum. unfortunetely got to learn this shit because the girl i’ve met is demanding it and i’m keep delaynig it. 30 yrs and i had sex 5 times in my whole life, but like to watch porn, really do. Always masturbate. I have an average 15cm dick, never got erection malfunctions, also i’m not fat too, 78kg… Years ago i manage to keep a 5 month relationship with a girl once without any intercourse. Only hadjob and oral sex till we both cum…

    Man, i just dont cum during sex, keep thinking about work, bills, movies and series…

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    Be careful if you are well endowed. Once hurt my girlfriend while doing this. Not fun for either of us. Had to cuddle a lot after, and I was very gentle next time we tried it. Even though she usually liked it quite rough.

    1. Mika Miro
      Mika Miro author

      Thanks for your feedback. Don’t forget that every time you change your position during sex, you should start with slow and not deep movements in order to understand how comfortable the girl is in the new position and whether it hurts. This is especially important with deep penetration positions like this one.

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    The Finger

    Use this position to get the deep penetration, and then grind away. Your partner will surely be showing you their “O” face. And like Niceguy said, careful around those cervix’s gentlemen. Women seem to really dislike it when you bang into that thing.

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    We tried this position years ago and I had been wanting to try it again. My wife doesn’t like doggy style or reverse cowgirl because she thinks we should be face to face. However, doggy style makes me cum too fast and reverse cowgirl can be uncomfortable at the wrong angle or even shallow for the average sized guy. We gave this a try again a few nights ago and it totally rocks. I think I know why it makes me feel so good. I think it’s because not only can I go deep, but also my balls have complete contact with her pussy. She gets to be face to face and I can still access her tits and we can kiss and spoon without any strange angles. Though, I would say for her being twisted around like that wouldn’t be good for long duration.

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    This is one where you can slip a vibrator into the right place for a bit of clitoral stimulation-while leaving the volume controls nicely accessible. Gives a nice view of the lady if she’s dressed up too.

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