Sex position #131. Plain

Sex position #131 - Plain. (from behind, man on top, rear entry). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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If you prefer more “smooth”, soft and sensual sex, this position will perfectly match your expectations and help diversify the intimate side of relations. The woman lies on her belly. The support is on hands and she lifts the upper part of her body, legs straight and slightly driven apart. The man sits on top so that her legs are between his legs, the male partner puts his hands on his lady’s buttocks and penetrates into her by jerks. The male partner can also lightly caress her back, neck, and do all that his imagination is capable of.

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    I love this one, it feels so intimate and pleasurable for both partners 😉 My boyfriend loves this one as much as I do, maybe even more!

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    I love this position it makes me cum every time

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    fridas laves

    i call this one the sting ray because both parties lay down flat. very comfortable position.

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    Lou Sassle

    Can tell this one is very comfortable and intimate. My guy can feel my ass jiggle and makes him feel comfortable. ☺️

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    My favorite by far. The higher you slide up her ass, the more you thrust into her g-spot.

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