Sex position #428. Sea Horse

Sex position #428 - Seahorse (on the armchair). (anal sex, doggy style, from behind, rear entry, man on top, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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This weird position requires certain skills, flexibility and good physical shape. But don’t hesitate to try it at least once. Be careful to watch your every move. The woman stands on the floor, bending over the armrest of the armchair. The palms of her outstretched arms rested on the seat help the lady to balance her body. The man climbs atop the female partner’s buttocks. His legs are placed on the armrest. With one hand, he holds the back of the armchair. With the second hand, he grabs his lover’s buttocks.

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    Cowboy Richard

    Tried this on my girl once, she couldn’t walk for weeks. Not because the sex was good, but because she suffered a traumatic injury to her spinal cord that caused her to be wheelchair bound. We were having a great night until then and she doesn’t talk to me anymore. 5/10

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    This is a hell of a position. My wife is an athlete and has big buttocks. Her landing in this position drives me crazy. I like pounding her butts in this position while she moans. Can do vaginal and anal both in this position.

  3. Avatar photo
    Paul B.

    10/10 would do again <3

  4. Avatar photo
    Ian W

    My girlfriend told me to break her back…so I did

  5. Avatar photo

    Tried this with my bf and it was going well until he fell and cracked his skull open, he died later that night.. RIP baby <3 (sex was great tho!!!)

    1. Avatar photo

      there was a guy who died from sex, that yo man?

  6. Avatar photo

    Tries this with bae, but because i was too wet, he slipped and fell, with his cock still inside me. We sped to the hospital down the m-way, and unfortunatelly found out that his cock had snapped in half, and needed to be reduced in size. Felt good tho. 5/10

  7. Avatar photo
    Suk Madheek

    How many people died from trying the stuff in this website tho?

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