Sex position #130. Ballet dancer

Sex position #130 - Ballet dancer. (from behind, rear entry, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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If you show ingenuity and ask your male partner to have sex in this position, he will appreciate your efforts, the important thing is to try the pre-stretching not to get hurt. In the ballet dancer sex position the woman stands next to the wall, leaning forward, arms bent in elbows she puts on the wall and makes support them. Legs are straight, one leg stands firmly on the floor, the second one she raises maximum upward. The partner gets behind the lady between her legs, and the one which is raised up, he throws on his arm, which he bends and puts on the female partner’s buttocks, and the second hand on her back.

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    Andrea N McWatters

    Im gonna have to try this

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      Oussa cool

      I Love Hegemony position

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    My favorite sex position. I grew up in Ballet and just came up with it one day with my boyfriend at the time… BUT, men who are under 6 feet seems to have a harder time had have to be on their tip toes to reach.

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