Sex position #334. Fulcrum

Sex position #334 - Fulcrum. (from behind, rear entry, reverse, man on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Guys tend to like exotic sex positions. So the Fulcrum is high up on his “I just want to try this” list. It is an excellent choice for well-trained men. The woman gets on four limbs with legs driven wide apart. Her body is inclined with head down supporting on elbows. The male partner stands on the elbows with his back to her buttocks and lifts his lower body to get access to her vagina. His hips are placed on the lady’s buttocks. His legs are bent at the knees and elevated in the air. To enjoy thrusting and rocking, the lovers must intensively move their hips.

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    Nice skills

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    This is the only position I’m able to orgasm from.

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