Sex position #316. Low doggy

Sex position #316 - Low doggy. (anal sex, doggy style, from behind, rear entry, man on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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No prize for guessing that you will adore this rear-entry position, which is a variation of the standard doggy. The woman kneels down and lies face down, legs and arms are driven apart. The male partner kneels between his lady’s legs. His legs are driven apart and feet are together. One arm of the man is straight, he puts it on palm and leans on it. With the second hand, he takes her by the hair to set the pace of the sexual encounter and the depth of penetration. The female partner can increase the friction and tightness by squeezing her legs together. The lady doesn’t have to do much staying in position. If she wants harder penetration, then she can push back onto her man with each stroke.

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    My new GF isn’t too experienced but she had some good orgams in this position and so did I. 😉

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    This is usually when im saying “oh fuck yes fuuucckkk meee…”

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      Haha do you need one?

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    I wanna someone do this to me.

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