Sex position #453. Tangle

Sex position #453 - Tangle. (woman on top, reverse). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Make your sex life more passionate, exciting and fun! The Tangle is an awesome sex positions for mind-blowing orgasm. The male partner gets down on his back and arches it like he is moving into a bridge pose Yoga style. The woman positions herself above the male partner facing his feet. She fully leans forward, with her forehead touching the floor. She uses her hands to balance and support herself. Her thighs wrap around the lover’s thighs. Her feet are placed on his shoulder blades. The man exercises movements. The Tangle sex position is super to try at least once. It will bring you closer to your partner, turning both of you into one amazing-sex-having being. But it is not for long sex.

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