Sex position #459. Passive doggy

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Sex position #459 - Passive doggy. (doggy style, from behind, rear entry). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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This position will have you howling with delight in no time! The man lies on his back, slightly raising his head. He lifts his legs and presses them tightly to the torso. He holds his knees to fix his position. The woman gets on her hands and knees. She spreads her legs hip width across and keeps things moving in the right direction Her feet lay along the lover’s back. Though the Passive doggy sex position doesn’t provide the man with super hot and sexy view, it gives the lady the amazing angles to work with.

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    annie mouse

    Is there a position like this except the mans legs are out to the side, and he has an awesome view of the womans rear?

    1. Mika Miro
      Mika Miro author

      Here are the sex positions where a man can admire and squeeze a woman’s butt and see his cock penetrate her pussy.

  2. Avatar photo

    WoW I like this most

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