Sex position #41. Nun

Sex position #41 - Nun. (cowgirl, from behind, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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In sex, it is important to feel relaxed and behave freely, to go beyond the limits, in which you are driven by life, to enjoy your feelings and desires. The man lies on his back on a pillow, the upper part of his body is in an elevated position, and legs are straight and driven apart. The woman kneels between her male partner’s legs back to him so that her shins are under the man’s hips. Her head is lowered, the arms are straight and located close to her knees. His hands are on the female partner’s buttocks, he moves them in tact with the jerks.

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  1. Solomon

    These are all great tips but I need more crazy positions

  2. Bd

    Me and my gf looked at postions for three day looking for the right one

  3. Nutter

    I’m finna buss

  4. David Kane

    I find this very informative

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