Sex position #293. Shameless

Sex position #293 - Shameless. (anal sex, cowgirl, woman on top, from behind, rear entry). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Be shameless. Experiment. This is the only way to satisfy your passion. Here’s how to master amazing Shameless sex position. The man lies on his back, his head is slightly raised. His legs are straight, but slightly apart with his penis open ready to enjoy a great time. The woman sits atop back to her lover. She leans forward and places the hands on both of his ankles. Her feet in man’s armpits. The female partner pins the lover to the bed and then begins moving back and forth, front to back.

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    This is a great position for a man with a bad back like me and visually it is one of the sexiest positions watching your partner ride your penis.

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    This position a great one for larger men, who can be challenging to ride. The woman could also put her legs between his as opposed to on the outside of his legs if the man has thicker legs. It’s a high satisfaction position for her.

    1. Mika Miro
      Mika Miro author

      Thanks for your version of the position, I’ll note it for myself and be sure to post it on this site in the future.

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    My wife and I love this position. I love watching her ride me and listening to her moan. Half way into it I’ll surprise her with some anal fingering and that floors her. Especially since she’s still an anal virgin.

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