Sex position #427. Star wars

Sex position #427 - Star wars. (anal sex, from behind, reverse). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

War ends noting, sex ends orgasm. Turn the war into an enjoyable love battle! The woman lies on her back, putting her arms under her, and lifts her thighs with her palms. She bends her legs and spreads them wide apart. A man kneels with his back to her buttocks. He places his legs along the lover’s hands, bends forward as far as possible and gets on the elbow. The male partner penetrates the girl from above. His head remains lying on his own palms. Few sex positions are as complicated, freaky, and challenging as the Star wars sex position, requiring both partners to bend and turn in an unnatural way. But if you manage to do it, what could feel more rewarding

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  1. giga nigga

    confirmed, snapped muh dick off

  2. Sadie enward

    Don’t like it, she put her finger up my ass then after ma dick got Twisted

  3. James D

    If you got a big Dick and take it slow to find how you have to position your bodies this position is amazing

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