Sex position #289. X factor

Sex position #289 - X factor. (from behind, rear entry, reverse, man on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Show off all your sexual skills, as if you are participating in talent show on TV. The X Factor sex position is one hell of a way to get it on. It’s unique, sexy, and totally hot. You’ll love the way it makes you both feel. The woman lies on her belly, bending her legs at the knees a little, spreading them apart and lifting the buttocks. She supports herself by the arms bent at the elbows. She puts them near her head. The man holds his body on outstretched arms located between the female’s partner legs. His hips lie on her buttocks. His legs are slightly bent at the knees, locked and barely raised up above the lady’s back.

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    Add this one to the list of positions that look too complicated to be fun.

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