Sex position #502. Khaleesi

Be careful
Sex position #502 - Khaleesi (on the couch). (cowgirl, woman on top, from behind). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Sometimes men like to be dominated. That’s the reason why the woman-on-top is one of men’s all-time favorite sex positions. The girls adore it, because she takes full control of the rhythm and speed. It may help her man last longer in bed. The male partner lies on his back at the foot of the sofa with his buttocks and legs on the seat. The woman sits on his hips with her back to him. She places her legs on both sides of the man’s body. With her hands, she cupping her lover’s knees and leans forward a little. He squeezes her delicious butt cheeks, bringing her to earth-quaking orgasm.

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