Sex position #50. Bullfighter

Sex position #50 - Bullfighter. (cunnilingus, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

In this position, the man has a great opportunity to find the G-spot of his female partner and caress her due to flat position of the female body and maximum its availability. The man sits with feet together and knees slightly bent, his torso slightly leans backward. The woman sits on the shoulders of her male partner for his face to be between her legs and lies back completely, putting the hands on palms at the man’s laps area she supports on them. Her head is thrown back with legs bent at the knees and spread on sides, with his hands the male partner supports her by the buttocks and caresses her crotch.

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  1. sanjeev

    its benificialfor marriage people those are not satisfied wth sex they can satisfied

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