Sex position #333. Marvelous stool

Sex position #333 - Marvelous stool. (woman on top, from behind, sitting, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

You probably have no idea how much you can do with another person in a chair or stool. You will not regret of trying the Marvelous stool sex position, perfect for treating your partner! The man sits with his buttocks on the edge of the chair and fully leans his body back. His head rests against the back of the chair. The woman sits on the penis between the partner’s legs, takes them by the ankles and holds them driven apart. Her feet are on the floor, as they are her main support.

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  1. Sandhupama

    guys, it’s been days and no 334th sex position yet. I’m desperate, na 🙁

    1. Admin (Post author)

      Okay, don’t be upset!) You persuaded me!) Here is the next 334th position!)

    2. anonymous

      Comment…have u tried all the 333 available

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