Sex position #328. Deck chair

Be careful
Sex position #328 - Deck chair. (anal sex, face to face, man on top, lying down). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Woman will melt like ice cream in the sun, when man discovers the power of the Deck chair sex position. It is a must try, deep penetration position that enables the man to assume control. The woman lies on her back and pulls her legs to her breast, holding hips by hands. The man lies on his female partner and positions himself for ultimate, deep penetrative access. He kneels with his hips wide apart and his feet touching each other. The woman puts her legs on the man’s neck and wraps them over the male partner’s neck. His hands are stuck under her arms and shoulders and he lifts the female’s head with palms.

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    Love this position so much! Despite what other people might think – is it just my friend group that thinks this position is bad?

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