Sex position #115. Anvil

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Sex position #115 - Anvil. (Knees to Chest, face to face, lying down, man on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Some sweet will never do a bad turn, especially when your seductive second half is in the role of a sweet, and thanks to this position you will be able to experience the full depth of your favorite taste. The woman lies on her back and pulls her knees to her chest, holding her hips by hands. The man lies next to his female partner using his arms as support and are next to her shoulders. The male partner’s legs are slightly bent and moved apart, as if he is on his knees. The woman puts her legs on the man’s neck and wraps them over the male partner’s neck.

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    Jack Phillips

    Thank you so much! My friend Gabby and I tried this one and it REALLY spiced up our sexual experience! However, while she was penetrating me the dildo broke off due to the angle she came at, so for anyone new trying this be wary of the angle of penetration.

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    Сan’t wait to try!!)

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    Really love this position a lot. It was exactly how my husband taught me for my very first time during our wedding night. I was super nervous and had no clue about what was happening. Later, my sister told me this was the usual way it’s done for virgin girls.

    My husband really tricked me! After the ceremony, we went to his bedroom together. He locked the door and told me to get comfortable and to take off my dress for the night. When I asked him to get my pyjama, he laughed and explained that I was supposed to sleep naked from now on. I was shocked at first, but eventually gave in to his request since I remembered my aunt’s advice. She already told me before that a good wife should not argue and instead try to get used to her husband’s wishes. I was very hesitant, though, took off my dress but kept my bra and panties on while I tried to hide under the blanket.

    Once my husband joined me, he started kissing and touching me. I really enjoyed but it felt different from his kisses before. So sensitive, especially his hands sliding under my bra and touching my hard nipples. I got wet and suddenly my panties were soaked! I swear, I felt so much shame but my husband calmed me and assured me that he only wants to give me a massage after the stressful day. He told me he got a surprise for me and proceeded to blindfold me with his silk scarf. Then my bra and panties came off pretty quickly. I got scared but he told me to calm because it’s only a massage and no need to worry. He continued to massage and I went along without a second thought!

    I was on my back when he suddenly lifted my feet and made me put my legs up over his shoulders. That’s when I realized this wasn’t a normal massage! But before I could act, he leaned all the way over me and had me pinned down with my feet pointing up towards the ceiling. I swear, once your feet come up and he leans forward, you’re trapped! There’s literally no escape. I immediately started to protest but he simply told me to relax and accept since a virgin girl is supposed to be taught in her wedding night anyway. He said he knew it was better to trick me instead of arguing forever and I knew he was right. I just didn’t expect that I will be pinned like that for the teaching!

    He assured me he will be very gentle but he also warned me not to tense up and not to try pulling away my hips under any circumstances. I asked him why and if it would hurt since my hymen was very tight. My husband said that he will firmly hold me and that all I was supposed to do is keeping my entire body relaxed no matter what, since he’s in the driver’s seat and taking care of my teaching now.

    He slowly inserted just the tip and I could feel that he was hard like a rock. I started begging him to stop because I thought there was no way he will ever fit in there. I felt his tip wedged against my hymen when I desperately tried to pull away my hips. But I couldn’t move an inch. He had me pinned in place firm and safely.

    He again urged me not to clench or tense up and that it will happen either way. I kept begging him to stop but I tried my best to relax since I knew that there was no chance to back out anymore. He gave me a passionate kiss to distract me and I as soon as I relaxed back into the mattress, I could feel him delivering a gentle but firm thrust.

    I tried to fully relax my muscles like my husband instructed me to and he slid right in! I felt a really sharp sting when it tore my hymen! Almost like an unpleasant pressure and then suddenly something snapped inside me. I gasped for air and let out a load moan with tears pooling in my eyes. Once I caught my breath, he was all the way inside me already! I immediately started tensing up but he kept still inside me and told me I made it.

    It took me a short while to relax again and get used to the tight feeling. Then he very slowly started thrusting. It felt absolutely amazing! But so intense that I couldn’t handle! He went really slow but very deep in a rythmic motion. Everytime he slid in, I felt the overwhelming urge to pull away, just to be scolded by him to not move. That’s when he told me this is why virgin girls are usually pinned like this for their first time because with her legs up, they will be unable to pull away which makes it easier for her to get used to it.

    Everytime I tried to pull my hips, my husband pinned me again and gave me a few of those extra deep thrusts. It made me moan and sob uncontrollably but I swear, it was so effective. It took only a few minutes for me to fully surrender and before I knew it, my husband rode me like a slide with me fully giving in and letting him have the lead.

    Even today I easily orgasm when I think back at my wedding night. I can strongly recommend this as a teaching position for virgin girls. I even know from many of my friends who got pinned like that for their first time. Having her legs up is very effective to keep her in check and to ensure that she will learn to accept proper penetration.

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