Sex position #177. Splitting bamboo

Sex position #177 - Splitting bamboo. (kneeling, man on top, right angle). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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When making love it is essential not just to feel your male partner and learn how to play on the strings of his body, only then you can achieve absolute satisfaction. In the Splitting bamboo sex position the woman lies on her side and supports the upper part of her body on her elbow and one leg. The man sits between the female partner’s legs so her lifted leg is on his side. The male partner props himself up with his arms, if desired, he can caress the woman’s breast with one hand or even stimulate her crotch for greater satisfaction.

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    I love this position, came fast once doing this one before. Nice latina wit C natural tits shaking n her wide eyes glared at me with an ear to ear smile. I couldnt last lol

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