Sex position #268. Backstroke

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Sex position #268 - Backstroke. (man on top, kneeling). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Looking for some new sex positions to impress your partner? If so, the Backstroke position is a great one to add to your wish list. It doesn’t sound very romantic, but it’s hot and adds benefit of gazing into each other’s eyes, thus getting one step closer to peak. The woman lies down on bed on the side, either side is her choice. She splits her legs, with one of her legs resting on male partner’s shoulder and the second resting on the partner’s foot. Her hands are behind her head. The man slides in between female partner’s legs. He gets on one knee. His second leg remains straight. While leading the way, he can squeeze or pinch his lover’s breasts with one hand. The second supports him.

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