Sex position #108. Caliper

Sex position #108 - Caliper. (face to face, standing, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

For this position, not only a man, but a woman must be trimmed as the partner will have to hold his mistress in his arms, and she, in her turn, will have to make the pelvis movement in the weightless condition. The man is standing with his feet at shoulder width, arms are straight along the body, and the female partner is hugging her male partner’s neck with her arms and closes her fingers in a lock. The woman drives her legs apart and lifts them up, having pulled herself on the man, he grabs her with his hands on the feet, straightens his back and thus holds the female partner, the motions can be made both by the man and woman.

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    My be tried this one. Was Awesome

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