Sex position #455. Saddle

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Sex position #455 - Saddle (on the ball). (cowgirl, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Imagine that you are an Amazon warrior mounted on horseback engaged in battle. Get ready to ride you man wild as you saddle up for the adventure of a lifetime. The riding sex position is a great way to stare into each other’s eyes and sink into deep and meaningful penetration. The man lies back with head on a fitness ball, bends his legs at the knees and stabilizes his feet on the floor, while his buttocks are experiencing the zero gravity effect. His body reminds reverse plank. The female partner rides her man facing him. She bends her legs and throws her feet on his hips. She places her outstretched arms on his chest, he covers her wrists with his palms and helps her to make seducing up and down moves.

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