Sex position #388. Need for Speed

Sex position #388 - Need for Speed (on the ball). (anal sex, doggy style, from behind, rear entry, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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The Need for Speed is racing video game, appreciated by guys around the world. Make your man forget about everything, except you with the head-to-toe thrill positioning. The woman lies on her belly on the exercise ball. One of her arms is stretched forward and rests on the floor. The second is taken behind her back and placed on her lover’s torso. Her legs are bent at the knees and driven wide apart. The man is attached behind his partner, spreading his legs and bending them at the knees a little. He puts his hand on the ball near her belly. With the other hand, he holds the back of his darling.

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    Mel Nirvan

    I like this way.

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