Sex position #489. Сhibi

Sex position #489 - Сhibi (on the bed). (face down, anal sex, doggy style, from behind, rear entry, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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It is a pleasurable upgrade of the celebrated Doggy style. For the girl, it’s a chance just to enjoy the action, which includes an opportunity for G-spot stroking. For guys, it offers a magnificent view and control over the speed and penetration depth. The woman gets on her knees on the edge of the bed, her breasts touch the surface. She puts her head on her arms and spreads the legs apart. The man attaches himself between the legs of his partner, he rests his knees on the bed. He strokes her buttocks and moves them back and forth, helping himself to penetrate deeper and deeper into her hot tunnel.

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  1. Avatar photo

    Me and my papi already tried this one

    1. Avatar photo
      Nekeisha James

      It looks painful? But it puts the man in control.

      1. Avatar photo
        Omali Harris

        Try it with someone who is gentle

  2. Avatar photo

    Excellent position for a large or disabled woman, even when the man is somewhat overweight himself.

    1. Avatar photo
      Reid cinnamon

      Is this true about the man being kinda overweight

  3. Avatar photo
    David bluntf

    Any variation of doggystyle is good for me

  4. Avatar photo
    Sexy booboo bear

    Oh, this one was so sexy! After this one I got on my knees with him he was so gentle so strong and gentle as we did that he kept complimenting my sexy ass it felt amazing after.

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