Sex position #384. Slide

Be careful
Sex position #384 - Slide (on the sofa). (reverse, man on top, lying down). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Horny, wet naked bodies have very good aerodynamic properties, so hold on tight to each other. It’s time to experience something new and kinky. The woman lies on her back on the sofa, bends the legs at the knees and presses the hips to the body, keeping them in this position by grabbing her shins with the hands. The man’s legs are spread apart and lie on top of his partner’s body. He stabilizes himself by the palms of his outstretched arms placed of the floor.

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    This is the best position for watching reruns of CSI Miami.

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    Nekeisha James

    This looks like a pleasing position for a female! Multiple orgasms from me speaking for myself.

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