Sex position #171. Mexican Halloween

Sex position #171 - Mexican Halloween. (blowjob, lying down, man on top, oral sex). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

It is an extraordinary position for oral sex, but it is better than ordinary options. The man will appreciate this option of blowjob for sure, the main is to make sure for his “gun” not to fire because of joy too quickly. The female partner lies on her back, bends her knees and drives them apart. The male partner lies on top of his chosen one, with his back on her knees for her head to be between his legs. Legs of the man are bent at the knees and spread apart, his hands are bent at the elbows and support on the floor. It will be perfect if the man hold himself over the woman, then it will be much more comfortable for her.

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Comments (20)
  1. Jnt

    How about the same position with woman on top?

  2. Ken Heather

    I like the Mexican Halloween blow job position.
    I like when the woman wears a nylon down puffer snowsuit I get on top of the woman in the Mexican Halloween position.and get a good blow job when i recline on the top of the woman.

    1. Mick

      You’re weird man

      1. Adolf

        Says the guy replying to a comment on Mexican Halloween sex positions

        1. David

          These a re all facts

          1. Jake

            This thread is so good that I needed to be apart of it. Ya’ll freaks.

  3. crazymax

    Does anyone have a video of this pose?

  4. Jeff Winger

    Professor Slater gave me a Mexican Halloween at the Comfort Inn the other day.

    1. Anonymous

      I think we looked this up for very similar reasons. I do believe that we’re a part of the same… Community.

      1. Sammy

        Omg yeah

    2. Kelly

      Best comment

      1. Bambino

        Damn, I’ve just missed the last 10 mins of community… And now all the characters are in fancy freaking dress!

  5. Batman

    Cool Cool Cool

  6. Senor Chang

    I’m rewatching it and I just realized this *facepalm*

  7. Professor Michelle Slater

    Does anybody know who ripped the head off my trophy?

    1. Kimchi Tini

      Who else do you think wants to sleep with Pierce?

  8. Annie

    Pierce said that we would be celebrating an Italian New Years

  9. Troy

    Pierce was tripping balls with a full on erection, he was probably thinking of a Mexican Halloween, candy corn looks like tiny traffic cones btw

    1. Kimchi Tini

      Pierce is the only one who can help!

  10. Erik Charles Nielsen

    Just looked this up because of Community! Great to see other like minded individuals on here haha! Great position!

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