Sex position #35. Flame

Sex position #35 - Flame. (face to face, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Passion in the bodies flames more and more, and you can not cope with your desire anymore; surrender to each other, do not search excuses, there may be not a better occasion. The man stands with his feet on distance, the woman stands with her face to him, she throws one her foot on his thigh’s line, she hugs his neck with one hand and with her second hand, she directs his face to her breast. The man is ready for any turns, he holds her leg on his thigh, he hugs her waist with his free arm and leans forward, bending down to her breast calling and aspiring for caress. He penetrates into the woman when standing, showing how strong his desire is, she trusts her body to the man and that’s what it is.

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  1. kiran


    can used to solve problems to partners….
    because she/he having nice eye contact….

    breast kissing…..

    1. Sdalton

      Linda lollipop is waiting for you. No one else is better. So enjoy

  2. Themba

    Hellow good to see all this styles but i have a problem of early enjaculation,can you help me what to do?

  3. Ugly lady

    Someday perhaps

  4. Topless ed

    For those with early ejaculation try a lady who says I’m glad your so turned on with me. I’m glad you enjoy me so.

  5. Topless ed

    For those with early ejaculation problems certain women love to have problems cumming right away sounds like a delicious problem try coming more often like 2 or 3 times in the same experience

    1. Alina Das

      Comment…mens are lame nowdays.It’s better to be lesbian

      1. Anubhav

        Not everyone.

  6. Topless ed

    And if you can’t better start exercising sir let those demons out in the sunlight

  7. Sdalton

    Men nowadays are lame. No passion no making love. They couldn’t turn a lady on They want men women and fake women I guess. Don’t bother I guess it’s all with no meaning meaningless nowadays. I guess I’ll be a lesbian now. I use to love the man package yet we’re are they. It’s a thing of the past. I always been turned on looking at men yet always here from women I’d rather look at women so I guess quit caring about men

  8. Sdalton

    Watch out for that wacko who wants yuck in the mouth. He’s a ham yea right. Psychopath is more like it . Ladies he’s all yours for the taking enjoy

  9. Ugly lady

    This is my birthday number my birthday experience yet their is no love for me so forget it. Never cared

  10. Sharlene

    That’s the number of no one cares

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