Sex position #29. Harmony

Sex position #29 - Harmony. (face to face, lying down, man on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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In this position you don’t need to think about anything, disconnect your thoughts, take each other and enjoy your partner, look for harmony in vicinity, in tenderness, savor the time, spent together. The female partner lies her buttocks on a pillow, her head is slightly lowered, legs are bent in knees and driven apart. The male partner is located between the female partner’s feet, his arms are straight, palms are on the edge of the pillow with the main support on them, the male partner’s legs are slightly bent and driven apart. The female partner embraces the male partner’s waist with her legs and closes them in a lock of feet, with her hands on the male partner’s shoulders. Meanwhile the couple can kiss.

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  1. Tapas kr khan

    Very effective

  2. Paresh

    Keep it up

  3. Ella

    The first time I had sex was when I was 17 with the pose 69

    1. Ashish

      Can you tell me how to do you that position so I can do that

  4. Bansdeep

    Best positions my gf is very happy

  5. HemiDingo

    Ever tried the 68? She gives you a blowy and you owe her 1

  6. Rick

    Perfect for both people. You can kiss and deeply penetrate her. My girl loves it.

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