Sex position #269. Rock and roll

Position 269 (on the sofa). Rock and roll Sex position #269 - Rock and roll. (from behind, rear entry). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll rule the world. Of course, drugs are out of the question. Sex itself is a kind of drug. Turn on the romantic music, light the candles and experiment with your partner a bit. The woman lies on her belly on the edge of the couch. One of her legs is on the seat of the sofa, the other touches the floor with the tiptoes. The man is attached to the female partner’s buttocks from the side with his hands taken behind his back. His foot is on the sofa near the girl’s breasts. The second one is on her hips touching the floor with his tiptoes. The woman spreads her buttocks to ensure deeper penetration of the lover’s penis into her vagina.

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