Sex position #508. Houdini

Sex position #508 - Houdini (on the bed). (from behind, standing). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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You do not need to be a famous illusionist or wizard to satisfy your partner. Just listen to your heart and read the body language. That’s the key rev-up-your-sex-life trick! The man stands his back to the bed and bends sideward a bit, bending the leg at the knee. With one hand, the lady is leaning on the floor face down. She stabilizes her body by the palm of her outstretched arm. She woman sticks her leg between his thighs and puts her foot on the bed. She keeps her second leg straight and leans it her against the partner’s torso. The male partner grabs the woman’s buttocks and prevents her from getting tired of her own body’s weight.

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