Sex position #246. Ladyboy

Sex position #246 - Ladyboy. (cowgirl, woman on top, face to face, lying down). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

The awesome power of a woman over a man always blows male’s mind and unleashes his primordial instincts, especially when woman completely controls sexual intercourse. Ladyboy is a female-dominated pose. The man lies on his back and lifts his legs up, closing them around his female partner’s waist. The woman is situated between his legs, supporting her upper-body on the outstretched arms. This position allows penetrating into the woman extremely deep and controlling the intensity of frictions. It provides a man with a great opportunity to mash, caress or stroke his lover’s buttocks.

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  1. Katzenjammer

    Looks like pegging

  2. adam


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