Sex position #206. Crucifixion

Sex position #206 - Crucifixion. (from behind, rear entry, sitting, woman on top). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image
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It is an explicit position in which the partners will have to twist and turn to find the most comfortable position, and then everything will be fine. The man sits down on his feet, moves backwards and rests upon his hands wide apart. The woman sits on the penis with her back to the male partner, as if she half sits on the man’s legs, but keeps on her toes. The female partner’s head is slightly backwards holding the elbows of the male partner. Continuous sexual intercourse in this position may be difficult, but one should experiment.

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  1. Channel

    Wow? This was so easy, my boyfriend and I were both vergins so we had a hard time starting, but the helped us so much!! Thank you!!!!


    1. Mo

      What other positions were wow

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